Which is Cheaper – Gas or Electric Heat?

With energy bills higher than ever, more and more people are trying to find new ways to cut down on their home heating expenses. With this in mind, many homeowners are thinking about changing their entire heating system. So, which is cheaper – gas or electric heat? Let’s break both of them down…

Gas vs electric heat – a quick overview

Before we go into further detail, it’s worth explaining the main differences between gas heat and electric heat.

With gas-based heat, a boiler burns fuel to heat water. This hot water is then spread throughout a home’s radiators or in pipes placed under the floorboards. As the pipes and/or radiators get hotter, they bring your house’s temperature up through radiation. This heating system goes all the way back to the mid-19th century.

On the other hand, electric heating works in a far simpler way. It relies on separate heating appliances in each room. Each device converts an electric current into heat, allowing greater control over the temperature of each room. Because they don’t rely on a central boiler, electric heat allows for better scheduling and customisation options.

When it comes to convenience, electricity has the upper hand. But is it cheaper to heat a house with gas or electricity?

Is gas heat cheaper than electric?

The sweet and short answer is no, it isn’t. While it’s true that gas is a cheaper per-unit energy source than electricity, electric heating is a lot more efficient – making it more cost-effective in the long run. Why? It’s simple. With electric heating, every single watt that your electric device converts into heat is used. With gas heating, an estimated 50% of energy is wasted.

Even better, the vast majority of modern electric appliances are fitted with individual thermostats. This means that you can manage your heaters on an individual basis. Maybe you don’t want the heating in your kitchen to be on? Or you want your living room to be nice and toasty for when you come home after work? With a smart electric heating system, all it takes is a few taps on your phone.

Installation and maintenance costs

Apart from being more efficient, electric heating is a lot cheaper and easier to install. While it can take several days to install a new boiler safely, you can get an entire electric heating system up and running in just one day.

Compared to a gas boiler, electric heating is basically maintenance-free, as there’s no fuel combustion involved in the process – also making it a lot safer. And that’s not even going into the costs of replacing a boiler. On average, a new boiler will cost you £1,500 – £3,000 – with installation costs close to an extra £1,000. That’s at least twice the average electric heater installation cost, which is around £500.

Trusted electricians at your service

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