5 Electric Heating Advantages You Can’t Ignore

Gas boilers have been the go-to source of heating for several decades. But not anymore. In the past few years, electric heating has become an increasingly popular option for properties across the UK.

Why? It’s very simple – in a nutshell, electric heating provides all the benefits of gas boilers without some of the disadvantages. Let’s unpack that a little bit more…

What are the main advantages of electric heating?

Are you sick and tired of having to pay someone to repair your boiler every winter? Worried about the environmental effects of gas heating? Or simply looking to trim down your bills as energy prices skyrocket?

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you should seriously consider making the switch to electric heating. To hammer the point home, let’s break down our five favourite electric heating advantages.

1. It’s cheaper than gas in the long run

To start with, gas heating systems have a much higher installation cost than electric heating. And unlike gas heaters, electric heating barely requires any maintenance. Waving goodbye to rip-off boiler service fees will lift a heavy weight off your wallet. Not to mention that electricity prices will only get cheaper as renewable energy becomes more prevalent.

2. It’s more efficient than gas

Electric heating is the most efficient heating system currently available on the market. An electric heater uses every single watt of power and converts it into heat. This means all the electricity you pay for is actually turned into heat. With a boiler, around 15% of the energy is wasted between fuel and pipework.

3. It’s completely safe

Safety is another of the top electric heating advantages. Because electric heaters don’t burn fuel to generate heat, all the safety risks commonly associated with heating systems are immediately brushed aside. With electric heating, you’ll never be in danger of fire, gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. It’s easy to install

As there’s no need for pipework to be carried out on the property, an entire electric heating system can be installed in a matter of hours. All that is needed is to connect the heaters to the electrical circuit – meaning that they can be installed during the electrical second fix phase for new properties.

5. It’s ecological

Gas is the UK’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. With the UK targeting net zero emissions, chances are that additional taxes will be imposed on homeowners with gas boilers in an attempt to make them transition to a greener alternative. Unlike gas boilers, electric heating does not emit polluting gases. And as more wind and solar farms are built across the country, electric heaters will be increasingly drawing power from completely renewable energy sources.

The future of heating is only one click away

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