What Are the Most Economical Electric Heaters?

When considering electric heaters for your home, it’s important to think about how economical they are. Unless you are one of those rare individuals that don’t feel the cold, heating your home can get expensive.

Many modern electric heaters have great energy-saving features that are effective in reducing your costs. So, when looking at new heaters, remember to weigh up how each type can save you money and energy, before you buy.

Let’s start with having a look at the two main types of electric heaters

Portable or fixed?

First and foremost, it’s important to distinguish between the two main types of electric heaters available.

Portable electric heaters

These are a good option when you want to heat a specific, small room or outdoor area such as sheds and garages. However, they are not particularly economical as they can drive up energy bills if used alongside a central heating system. Alternatively, as a standalone heater, they won’t heat anything other than the room they’re in.

Fixed electric heaters (radiators)

The most economical electric heaters are those fixed in place. These radiators are similar to a conventional gas ones. But unlike gas central heating, fuel doesn’t need to combust for warmth with an electric heater, making it a much cleaner process. As such, they have a 100% efficiency rating – with all energy used turned into heat to keep running costs low.

Electric heaters save you on annual boiler servicing and need very little service or maintenance themselves. They can be heated independently, meaning if you only need one room heated, you aren’t wasting energy on the rest of the house.

Most fixed heaters have a timer and thermostat as features too, so you can control your heating better. Or for complete flexibility over your heating needs, use advanced smart controls to access your system at any time.

Most economical electric heater models

Most electric heaters are economical to run. But if you’re looking at long-term economy, you want something that’s made to last. In this case, Rointe is a safe choice. Their electric radiators also come with excellent features for ease of use and reducing costs.

Rointe radiators use Wi-Fi to connect you with your heating system, making it a smooth process to control room temperatures and ensure heat is not wasted. They have great features that can save energy and make programming your heating simple. These include:

  • Smart heating controls – using the Basic remote control with 4 quick buttons, you can access pre-installed programming and manually control temperature and the different modes to suit your needs. Or if you’d like to create and program heating schedules yourself, the AIR remote control is the option for you. You can also take advantage of remote locking of the controls and zone control.
  • Rointe Connect App – working on smartphones and tablets, with a web platform app for PCs, the Rointe Connect App helps you manage energy consumption and costs for complete control over all your heaters.
  • Voice Assistant – using your voice, you are able to control your heating through Rointe Connect, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Get the most economical electric heaters for your needs

If you want your electric heaters to be economical, it’s important to find the right products based on the space you’re heating. That’s where Grants Electrical can help. Operating throughout Taunton, Wellington and Tiverton, we can assess your home and recommend the right energy-efficient electric radiators for your needs.

Our Rointe-accredited team only work with the best models available to give you radiators you can enjoy for years to come. To arrange a home visit, give us a call on 07775447404 or contact us online.