Are There Any Disadvantages of Electric Heating?

More and more people are making the switch to electric heating. And it’s not hard to see why. With gas prices higher than ever, homeowners are on the lookout for new ways of trimming down their energy bills. And that’s where electric heating comes in.

However, not everyone is convinced of the benefits – instead looking for disadvantages of electric heating. There are still a few sceptics who claim that it’s more expensive and less efficient than gas heating. But are they right? Let’s find out…

Myth-busting the supposed disadvantages of electric heating

The electric heating industry is growing bigger by the day – and so are certain misconceptions associated with it. To dispel all these myths once and for all, let’s dig deeper into what are generally believed to be the main disadvantages of electric heating…

Electric heating is more expensive

This claim rests on a half-truth – that the average cost per unit of gas is lower than that of electricity. We don’t dispute that (although the gas crisis is pushing up the cost of gas to an all-time high).

But what this claim fails to mention is that electric heating systems barely involve any substantial installation costs. And, unlike gas boilers, electric heating doesn’t require yearly servicing and maintenance.

On top of all that, the average working life of a boiler is ten years – whereas a good electric radiator can last up to 20 years. So sure, electricity is slightly more expensive than gas per unit (for now). But in the long run, gas heating will put a bigger dent in your savings.

Electric heating is not very efficient

While it’s true that brand-new gas boilers are more efficient than they were a few decades ago, gas boilers are still miles away from reaching the degree of efficiency of electric heating. Sure, gas will heat your home quicker. But they will also lose a lot of energy in the meantime.

On average, a 10-year-old boiler will have lost up to 30% of its efficiency – compared to 0% with a 10-year-old electric radiator. This means that you’ll end up paying for gas that you’re not even using.

Electric heating is dangerous

We’ll keep it short and sweet – electric radiators are the safest heating option you can install inside your home. When people claim that electric heating is dangerous, they’re usually referring to portable electric heaters. And they’re right. In the UK alone, almost 1,000 fires have been caused by portable electric heaters in the past 5 years.

But electric radiators are a completely different kettle of fish. Because they don’t rely on fuel ignition, electric radiators completely eliminate the risk of fuel leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Embrace the future of heating

Sick and tired of constant boiler breakdowns and rising gas prices? It’s time for you to see past the mistaken disadvantages of electric heating and make the switch.

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