6 Benefits of an EV Charger for Your Home

With the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars fast approaching, now is as good a time as any to install an EV charger for your home.

Not convinced? Read on as we look at seven clear benefits of a home EV charger.

1. Running costs

First and foremost, having an EV charger at home allows you to minimise the cost of charging your car. While fuel stations and service stations will charge a premium to use their chargers, you’ll only be paying for the cost of electricity you use at home. According to the RAC, you could save between £2 to £5 per charge. That adds up to £104 to £260 each year if you charge your car once a week.

2. Speed

Compared to charging your car from the mains, having a dedicated EV charger for your home is much quicker. Mains EV chargers are also known as ‘granny chargers’ because of their age and (lack of) speed. They take between 17 and 39 hours to get your battery full, depending on the model. That’s cut to between 6 and 13 hours for most vehicles with a standard home EV charger.

3. Convenience

Charging your car at home is undoubtedly more convenient than the alternatives. It’s much easier to plug in at home than travel to a fuel station. It’s also simpler to plug into a proper EV charger that’s located near your car, instead of rolling out extensions to plug your car into an outdoor socket.

4. Range

When you charge at home, you can leave it for a full charge. As demand continues to outpace infrastructure, service station chargers are increasingly met with queues waiting to use them. Many people will feel pressured to move on before their battery is full, resulting in a lower range for their car before the next charge is due.

5. Longevity

While superfast chargers might be convenient when you’re out and about, they don’t go hand in hand with a long battery life. Fast charging puts too much current into your electric vehicle’s battery, causing it to decline faster over time. Using an EV charger at home gets you that little bit more out of your battery’s lifespan.

6. Value

Having an EV charger for home use will also increase the value of your property. That’s already true now, with the majority of 16-49 year-olds planning to make the switch. But it will become more applicable as time goes on and electric vehicles become the norm. By that point, home EV chargers will be a must-have for all drivers (and the majority of homebuyers too).

Get an EV charger quote for your home

Whether it’s to cut down on costs, make your life easier, or maximise your car’s range, home EV chargers are a win-win (and a few more wins). Grants Electrical can help you reap all of those rewards with EV charger installation for homes across Somerset.

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